Big Brother Gossip #707: The Domino Effect


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You may think the title refers to this week’s POV, but there’s much more to it than that. In fact, the week’s actions all occur due to an earlier event or two that unknowingly set up everything.

2 Responses to Big Brother Gossip #707: The Domino Effect

  1. If Shelby wins POV and cannot take down either nom because there is no one for Morgan to put up as a replacement nom, is it fair to say that the other HG’s will have the same limitation i.e., Can only use POV to Veto your own nomination or otherwise the Veto is just a guarantee of the status quo – noms stay the same?

    Or is Justin ineligible to play for the Veto, since he has already advanced to the Final Four? If so, then the disparity between giving Shelby a “limited POV” (i.e., all immunity with No power to Veto) and Justin a “regular POV” (i.e., redundant immunity like an HoH but with full power to veto a nom on the block) becomes a Moot point. Either way, as long as Justin is not playing for a power unavailable to the other person not on the block and not the HoH, it seems fair and he would be able to Honor the Final Four deal he made by default.

    Unless BB plans to allow Shelby to save Kryssie and with no one to go up in her place, Jason would be immediately evicted from the house. Seems to me that making Justin ineligible to compete for Veto is more consistent with the conditional advance to Final Four that he earned. The slack line comp became an immunity comp for him, just like the Veto Comp will be an immunity comp for Shelby if she cannot use the power the POV is named for i.e., the power to veto a nom on the block.

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      bigbrothergossip says:

      It’s the same as the F3 in a regular season. Shelby winning POV would have just won her safety. She couldn’t have saved anybody else.