Celebrity Big Brother #202: Catch a Falling Star

It’s the first week of Celebrity Big Brother, and we recap everything that happened.


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One Response to Celebrity Big Brother #202: Catch a Falling Star

  1. I listen to your BB podcast each week because you seem to have the most correct information, usually cover more than my own observations, & with the least annoying delivery. That said, I wish the neurotically nerdy Mike could tone down his obnoxiousness in general (& w/Lala), and that Lala la bitch could equally tone down her know-it-all, condescending tone; She has good input but always sours her delivery for me. Also, I hope the story-telling of your latest Patreon members continues to be shortened since I haven’t figured out how to skip it on iTunes. Scott, gravelly voice & all, appears to be the most genuine & enjoyable. Sorry folks but that is what I recognize immediately when listening to your BBCUS2 podcast after lo these many months without.