Big Brother Gossip #1007: Comp Beast!


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Nobody expected this to be an interesting week at all. Like all the previous weeks, it was bound to be another week controlled by the same handful of people that have bored us the last few weeks.

Then things got weird. First there was a last minute free for all that saw the dissolution of the main alliance in the house. Then we saw the shocking HOH win of the least likely person in the house, followed by the same person winning POV! Could we have a strong player leaving this week? It sure seems that way!

2 Responses to Big Brother Gossip #1007: Comp Beast!

  1. While I have enjoyed this show from its inception, Colette’s commentary is currently hard to listen to because she is screaming and screeching at the top of her lungs for 80% of the time she is speaking. While I respect her point of view on the goings-on in the Big Brother House, the delivery is a bit much. To make the podcast more listener friendly, I would suggest doing something about this. I understand it is your podcast and you can do whatever you want. I am not disputing this. What I am saying here is the screaming and screeching and interrupting do not contribute to a intelligible podcast from my point of view, one of your original listener’s and fans.

  2. When is nick going to finally just come out of the closet ? Alls he talks about in BBAD is doing Tommy , makes such inappropriate comments about him as well and than tells about a dream he had about having sex with jack ‍♀️ It’s not a big deal if he is but geez it’s so obvious lol