Big Brother Gossip #1011: Pity Party


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Imagine that you’ve been in the Big Brother house for two months and not only are you unaware of the various alliances but you’ve yet to create your own. Imagine then that you’re told that you are probably going to be nominated for the first time since the early weeks of the game. Would you be disappointed? Sure. Should you be surprised? No.

Yet that’s exactly what happened this week. Jessica has been a non-entity in the game but how dare she be a target for eviction. Hence this week’s title. The pity party she went on was pure insanity. First Christie had to endure an hour of her sob story. Then Nicole had to sit through almost two hours! 

This is also the week of an endurance competition, and the dreaded “Hide and Go Veto” competition. Would some conspiring between Cliff and Jackson lead to a victory? If not, is Cliff still safe? We chat about all of this and so much more on this hilarious episode of the Big Brother Gossip Show!