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  • Big Brother Gossip Show #1104: Whiny Assassin


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    In what may be the most shocking revelation in the history of the Big Brother Gossip Show, we actually have some shocking comments to say about a member of this season’s all star cast. Yes, we really do compliment one of our least-favorite cast members of all time. Guess what, though? She was the master of everything that happened last week, and her histrionics on Friday night may have set the stage for what we see in the week’s ahead.Besides our shocking revelation, we go over everything else that happened this week. The departure of Nicole Anthony, Tyler’s HOH win, Danielle’s behind the scenes work, and as went to record the results of this week’s POV competition. 

  • Big Brother Gossip #1013: Midlife Crisis


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    Once again it should have been an easy week. Holly was going to be evicted, despite what they told Jackson and Holly. Then Cliff spilled the beans and we had 24 hours of great feeds. Well, a handful of hours of great feeds and then CBS blocked them all day on Thursday. So we missed a house meeting that looks to be momentous, but we pieced together what really happened as opposed to what CBS showed on Thursday night.

    But that’s not all. While much of the past 48 hours have consisted of the final four laying around rehashing the season, there was an incident that set the stage for some crazy gameplay that will ultimately cost our favorite oil man the game. He probably would have gone anyway, but this one little conversation he had with Jackson on Friday afternoon made the decision of the POV winner that much easier.

    Oh how much fun we had tonight, and you should also enjoy our giggling throughout tonight’s episode. We thank you guys so much for listening to this show, and it also helps us out a lot if you do some simple little things like retweet this post, or any post about the Big Brother Gossip Show. Or if you’re a member of our Facebook group, hit that little share button.

  • Big Brother Gossip #1012: The Big Reveal


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    It looked to be a laid back sort of weekend in the Big Brother house. After the double eviction, the remaining five knew their spots in the house, especially after Jackson won HOH. There was a lot of laying around reminiscing about the past two months.

    Then out of the blue our little Broadway dancer revealed the biggest secret of the season. The Big Brother world went into a tizzy, especially when the feeds dropped for a few minutes. And this was followed by a statement from one of the five stating the possibility of a big shakeup if they won the POV. Which that person did then accomplish! Will Jackson’s main squeeze end up on the block? If so, will she go home? Suddenly a boring week was full of intrigue!

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  • Big Brother Gossip #1009: Mean Girl


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    Christie may think she has the universe under her thumb, but it seems like the Big Brother community has a bigger say in her future than she does. I mean, come on, last week it was the the fans who put her on the block. No matter what her manifestations this week, she is once again on the block this week…and it looks like she’s heading to jury.

    But the main focus of this week’s show is actually the other person who was nominated. Analyse finally found herself on the block, and even before this happened we saw her true colors. She wasn’t making fun of Cliff last week. According to her they were noting how “cute” he looked when he was running. After all, she doesn’t “need” to make fun of people. We saw similar instances of her true colors after she was put on the block next to Christie. Oh no, she’s just a sweet little girl who is an inspiration to all!

    This week’s great show highlights all of the silly things that came out of the mouths of both Christie and Analyse, along with everything else that happened in the house. We also extensively went through the craziness that occured on Wednesday night when Jessica was told by Nicole that she was left out of this brand new six person alliance, and Tommy’s futile attempts to revive the original six. Seriously, this was a great night of analysis!

  • Big Brother Gossip #1007: Comp Beast!


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    Nobody expected this to be an interesting week at all. Like all the previous weeks, it was bound to be another week controlled by the same handful of people that have bored us the last few weeks.

    Then things got weird. First there was a last minute free for all that saw the dissolution of the main alliance in the house. Then we saw the shocking HOH win of the least likely person in the house, followed by the same person winning POV! Could we have a strong player leaving this week? It sure seems that way!

  • Big Brother Gossip #1006: Pose In Ivy


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    This should have been a quick, easy show. The week in the Big Brother house has been pretty cut and dry. The targets were obvious the minute Holly won HOH, and nothing really happened to create any question of what she was going to do with her power.

    Yet something happens whenever the Big Brother Gossip crew are firing on all cylinders, and this is such a week. Something was in the air, or at the very least the beer and wine were tasting mighty fine for the trio. But somehow this week of nothing turned into over 2 1/2 hours of hilarious and biting chatter.

    And we certainly don’t give anybody a pass when it comes to our commentary. Each and every person remaining in the house has major game or character flaws. Well, let’s be real. They have game AND character flaws. And we don’t hold back on any of them.

  • Big Brother Gossip #1005: Boss Hogg

    What a wacky week this was in the Big Brother house. We finally got rid of some folks, we had a successful blindside, and somehow Cliff survived the Camp Comeback comp. Not only that, but later that night he won HOH!!!

    So for the first time this season we have a house flip. How was Cliff going to handle this responsibility? Would he try to befriend the people who switched their votes to save Nicole, or would he team up with the rest of the downstairs crew? Well, he went for the big move and nominated Jack and Jackson

    That move raised other questions. Well, it raised one question. What was Christie going to do with her Diamond Power of Veto? Would she use it to save one her pals? Truthfully, she doesn’t even know, as we proved in this episode. 


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  • Big Brother Gossip #1003: Don’t Call It a (Camp) Comeback


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    All kinds of crazy stuff happened this week, including a new twist, a breakup, a drone, a couple of earthquakes, and a mule kick or two.