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  • Big Brother Gossip Show #1112: Four’s a Crowd


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    It’s the most important week of the Big Brother season. The HOH winner automatically finds themselves in the the final three, as does the POV who also decides the third person in that trio. Who will not make the cut? Will it be “Big Moves Yo” Enzo, the “Whiny Assassin”, “Betty Broderick” Christmas, or the person who has pretty much ran the house from the very beginning (Cody)?

    We quickly know that Enzo is safe, as he won the HOH competition on Thursday evening? Weirdly, despite the fact that his nominations don’t really mean anything, one of the people he puts up has a hissy fit that lasts almost an entire day. Can you figure out who that is? We discuss everything that happens, including Enzo’s failure to see that just possibly Christmas is correct in whose departure would help Enzo’s end game. Of course, he doesn’t really care.

  • Big Brother Gossip Show #1111: Return To Sender


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    Well, it finally happened. After ten weeks, Nicole Franzel finally won HOH. You’d think that would make her happy. Oh no, it doesn’t. She’s not happy with the time frame of her receiving her HOH basket. Then when she receives it, she’s still not happy. She didn’t receive all of the treats she expected. She’s not happy with her letter. I mean, she’s really not happy with her letter. Poor Victor, her fiance, just didn’t include all the niceties that she expected. She spent all of Thursday night complaining about this form letter that we all know CBS edits before the HOH receives it.

    And this doesn’t end her whining. It’s so hard to be HOH, you know. You have to make hard decisions. You have to spend way too much time talking to people you don’t want to really talk to. But a job is a job, and she finally fulfilled her obligations by nominating Memphis and Christmas. She wants Memphis to go, but do Cody and Enzo agree with her plans? They may tell her they’re cool with this, but there’s a conversation that happens that questions whether they will actually follow through with this goal.

  • Big Brother Gossip Show #1109: Tit For Tat

    Yes, we had to postpone this week’s episode for a day due to one of up attending a wedding. But that also means you get to hear all the details of last nights’ later than usual POV competition. Yes, it was OTEV, but what happened during that comp has everybody talking.

    There’s also the first tints in the armor of the “beloved” Committee alliance. The quotes are included as it’s never been the most fan base’s beloved alliance anyway. But even those in the actual alliance have never been that devoted. Well, this week sees some severe dissension, mainly between Christmas and Dani. Will that affect this Thursday’s triple eviction? Probably. Or at least we hope so.


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  • Big Brother Gossip Show #1107: Would I Lie To You?


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    Once again, a week that looks like it will be cut and dry actually turns out to have some drama. And it’s all because David won one of the powers last week, and he was forced to use it after being nominated by Dani. But David didn’t just routinely used his power. Oh no, instead he tried to convince the house that somebody else had a power that they used on him. Needless to say, this didn’t work out well for him. Yet it did create a few seeds of doubt that continue to affect the game as we went to air. You’ll love the little tidbits we uncover!

  • Big Brother Gossip #1015: Season Finale


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    Big Brother 21 is now history but that doesn’t mean the Big Brother Gossip Show is finished. No, we had lots to talk about. In fact, even more than any of the three of us thought we had to say. We chatted a bit about what happened in the house before the finale, and then went in depth as to everything that happened on Wednesday’s finale. Was Nicole cheated out of a win? What did we think of the final pleas of the finalists? Or our thoughts on the controversial pre-jury questioning? We chatted about all of this and much more!

    Oh how much fun we had tonight, and you should also enjoy our giggling throughout tonight’s episode. We thank you guys so much for listening to this show, and it also helps us out a lot if you do some simple little things like retweet this post, or any post about the Big Brother Gossip Show. Or if you’re a member of our Facebook group, hit that little share button.

  • Big Brother Gossip #1009: Mean Girl


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    Christie may think she has the universe under her thumb, but it seems like the Big Brother community has a bigger say in her future than she does. I mean, come on, last week it was the the fans who put her on the block. No matter what her manifestations this week, she is once again on the block this week…and it looks like she’s heading to jury.

    But the main focus of this week’s show is actually the other person who was nominated. Analyse finally found herself on the block, and even before this happened we saw her true colors. She wasn’t making fun of Cliff last week. According to her they were noting how “cute” he looked when he was running. After all, she doesn’t “need” to make fun of people. We saw similar instances of her true colors after she was put on the block next to Christie. Oh no, she’s just a sweet little girl who is an inspiration to all!

    This week’s great show highlights all of the silly things that came out of the mouths of both Christie and Analyse, along with everything else that happened in the house. We also extensively went through the craziness that occured on Wednesday night when Jessica was told by Nicole that she was left out of this brand new six person alliance, and Tommy’s futile attempts to revive the original six. Seriously, this was a great night of analysis!

  • Big Brother Gossip #1008: Karma Is a Christie


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    This week could have been the best of the season!!! We had Christie on the ropes! Thanks to th fans she was on the block, and she was actually rethinking her beliefs on the universe and karma. And then at the very last minute before the show began disaster struck thanks to a POV win by the current HOH, Tommy.

    Yet we still had those two days of hilarious live feeds, and there’s so much intrigue in the house. Which side are Holly and Jackson on? Is Nick getting in Nicole’s head? Is the universe still helping Christie? We cover all of this and much, much more!

  • Big Brother Gossip #1005: Boss Hogg

    What a wacky week this was in the Big Brother house. We finally got rid of some folks, we had a successful blindside, and somehow Cliff survived the Camp Comeback comp. Not only that, but later that night he won HOH!!!

    So for the first time this season we have a house flip. How was Cliff going to handle this responsibility? Would he try to befriend the people who switched their votes to save Nicole, or would he team up with the rest of the downstairs crew? Well, he went for the big move and nominated Jack and Jackson

    That move raised other questions. Well, it raised one question. What was Christie going to do with her Diamond Power of Veto? Would she use it to save one her pals? Truthfully, she doesn’t even know, as we proved in this episode. 


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  • Big Brother Gossip Show #206: Bye Bye Bitch!


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    Ash isn’t with us tonight, but we carried on anyway to chat about Janelle’s departure and the latest Big Brother news!

  • Big Brother Gossip Show #117: BBUK’s Benedict Garrett


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    Recently ousted BBUK contestant Benedict Garrett joins Ash and Scott for a no holds barred interview, along Mike from ILoveReality.com with a BBUS preview.