Big Brother Gossip #1006: Pose In Ivy


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This should have been a quick, easy show. The week in the Big Brother house has been pretty cut and dry. The targets were obvious the minute Holly won HOH, and nothing really happened to create any question of what she was going to do with her power.

Yet something happens whenever the Big Brother Gossip crew are firing on all cylinders, and this is such a week. Something was in the air, or at the very least the beer and wine were tasting mighty fine for the trio. But somehow this week of nothing turned into over 2 1/2 hours of hilarious and biting chatter.

And we certainly don’t give anybody a pass when it comes to our commentary. Each and every person remaining in the house has major game or character flaws. Well, let’s be real. They have game AND character flaws. And we don’t hold back on any of them.