Big Brother Gossip #1009: Mean Girl


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Christie may think she has the universe under her thumb, but it seems like the Big Brother community has a bigger say in her future than she does. I mean, come on, last week it was the the fans who put her on the block. No matter what her manifestations this week, she is once again on the block this week…and it looks like she’s heading to jury.

But the main focus of this week’s show is actually the other person who was nominated. Analyse finally found herself on the block, and even before this happened we saw her true colors. She wasn’t making fun of Cliff last week. According to her they were noting how “cute” he looked when he was running. After all, she doesn’t “need” to make fun of people. We saw similar instances of her true colors after she was put on the block next to Christie. Oh no, she’s just a sweet little girl who is an inspiration to all!

This week’s great show highlights all of the silly things that came out of the mouths of both Christie and Analyse, along with everything else that happened in the house. We also extensively went through the craziness that occured on Wednesday night when Jessica was told by Nicole that she was left out of this brand new six person alliance, and Tommy’s futile attempts to revive the original six. Seriously, this was a great night of analysis!