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  • Big Brother Gossip Show #1114: Season Finale


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    What a shocking turn of events! Who knew that the finale would be as intriguing as it was? For our finale, we go over not only what happened on the final episode of the season but the few days of live feeds that preceded Cody’s surprise cutting of Nicole to go with Enzo. How long had he planned on making that move? We debate this turn of events, along with other intriguing things that happened during the finale. We thank you guys oh so much for following us throughout this long season, and we sincerely hope that we have provided insight as to what happened over the last three months.

  • Big Brother Gossip Show #1109: Tit For Tat

    Yes, we had to postpone this week’s episode for a day due to one of up attending a wedding. But that also means you get to hear all the details of last nights’ later than usual POV competition. Yes, it was OTEV, but what happened during that comp has everybody talking.

    There’s also the first tints in the armor of the “beloved” Committee alliance. The quotes are included as it’s never been the most fan base’s beloved alliance anyway. But even those in the actual alliance have never been that devoted. Well, this week sees some severe dissension, mainly between Christmas and Dani. Will that affect this Thursday’s triple eviction? Probably. Or at least we hope so.


    Download MP3 here